Bobby Chacko Reflects on 25 Years as a Transformational Leader in Business

Bobby Chacko
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Entrepreneur and executive Bobby Chacko looks back on more than two decades of success as a business leader in driving equality and sustainability.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, July 23, 2020 / — For 25 years, entrepreneur and executive Bobby Chacko has been a transformational leader in business, driving progress, equality, and sustainability across multiple industries. Working with iconic brands in category-leading companies including Mars, AB InBev, The Coca-Cola Company, and GE Capital, Chacko looks back fondly on more than a quarter of a century of professional success.

“For two and a half decades or more, I’ve worked tirelessly to become a transformational leader, responsible for driving progress, equality, and sustainability, as a dynamic change agent impacting businesses across the U.S. and internationally,” says veteran executive and entrepreneur Bobby Chacko, speaking from his home in Massachusetts.

Most recently, Bobby Chacko served as CEO and President of Ocean Spray Inc., a cooperative with $2 billion in global sales. At Ocean Spray, he delivered, Chacko says, a significant and innovative renovation, completely transforming the 90-year-old company in the process. Today a widely celebrated consumer packaged goods executive, Bobby Chacko’s early experiences in life have, no doubt, fueled his subsequent success, according to the businessman.

The youngest of four siblings, Chacko was born and raised in Nigeria by immigrant Indian educator parents. Arriving in the U.S. at age 15, then-international college student Bobby would graduate four years later at age 19. “With my student visa expiring, I was left with just weeks to find a job that would sponsor a work visa,” he reveals.

Walking from building to building through Manhattan’s midtown streets as he cold-called businesses, Bobby Chacko’s hard work and determination eventually paid off. “With days to spare, I proudly became the youngest employee at Marketing Management Analytics in Westport, CT,” says Chacko.

From his first job at 19 through to today, Bobby Chacko’s impact upon businesses and communities alike have cut across many facets, he says. Whether integrating existing companies for rapid growth or founding entirely new ventures, Bobby Chacko’s place as a transformational leader in business is as varied as it is impressive.

Pioneering new products, shaping global marketing and innovation strategies for iconic brands, and opening up international markets for fast-emerging category-busters, Bobby Chacko says his experiences have shaped and formed him into the strategic and transformational leader that he is today.

To date, Bobby Chacko has worked across more than 30 international markets. “During my career, I’ve enjoyed living in Europe, Latin America, and Africa,” he reveals. This, Chacko believes, has served to afford him with a rare, globally insightful skill set that most C-suite executives can only ever dream of.

Bobby Chacko is praised by his peers as a key driver of diversity in thought and equality in the workplace, fostering debate-oriented environments with a strong meritocracy. “I do so,” adds Chacko, “with an edict of accountability, balanced with strategy and execution.”

Elsewhere in life, a passion for community involvement has seen Bobby Chacko support a number of his local food banks, childhood health and education initiatives, community sustainability efforts, and more. He and his family now happily reside in Boston, Massachusetts, around 200 miles up the coast from where it all started for the business visionary, then just 19 years old, back at Marketing Management Analytics in mid-1990s Westport, CT.

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Bobby Chacko

Bobby Chacko is a veteran CPG executive and entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years as a transformational leader driving progress, equality and sustainabil